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Groenrivier Function Centre is an enchanting and distinctly different venue for romantic country weddings, special family parties and celebrations, and memorable corporate events. Guests enjoy exclusive use of the whole property.  

At Groenrivier Function Centre we have 3 venues which are suitable for weddings or corporate functions:

Groenrivier Function Centre is fully licenced and there is ample secure parking.

Danielle & Andrew Smit


Danielle & Andrew Smit

Maretha Brink



1. Our wedding advice for any future wedding couples.....

Really, don't sweat the small stuff. No one besides you knows if the flowers were meant to be pink instead of yellow! 

Also, start planning as soon as possible to prevent getting yourself in a panic over last minute arrangements. This also allows space for plenty of mind changes - there are so many options out there! Get everyone involved, have friends or family over for wedding DIY days - that is what wedding planning is all about – having fun while doing it. 

And last but not least, be yourselves, because after all this day is about you two. Just because everyone is doing something, doesn't mean you have to follow suit - first think, does this really reflect us as a couple?

2.  If I had to plan my wedding again, I would have spent more time on....

Really and truly – nothing! My husband and I sat down after our engagement and worked out a budget, we were very set on not going over this amount – I really believe this works to help not go overboard! 

But we made our budget work for us and the day ended up being exactly what we both had in mind, thanks to all our family and friends who put in many long hours to make our dreams a reality.  

3.  I would have spent less time on.....

Finding my wedding dress was a lengthy (and expensive) process – I endured many dress fittings at different Bridal Boutiques across the Cape and just could not find one which I was 100% happy with, mainly due to my small frame. 

Trying on so many different dresses also ends up confusing you. Try and find a style that fits you as early as possible and then work from that. 

All this being said though, my dress fitted me perfectly and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world <3

4.  When I think back to my wedding day, I think of?

Love, family, friends and an overwhelming sense of joy and gratefulness! We had everyone we loved around us and it was just the most perfect day. 

The months before one’s wedding are such a build-up of excitement mixed with a whole bunch of emotions which all kind of bubbles out on the day! It’s something that cannot be explained. 

Groenrivier was also amazing in making sure that our day went by perfectly and without any hitches! I would recommend the venue to anyone!!

5.  Thanks to our lovely Vendors: