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Groenrivier Function Centre is an enchanting and distinctly different venue for romantic country weddings, special family parties and celebrations, and memorable corporate events. Guests enjoy exclusive use of the whole property.  

At Groenrivier Function Centre we have 3 venues which are suitable for weddings or corporate functions:

Groenrivier Function Centre is fully licenced and there is ample secure parking.

Odette & Andreas


Odette & Andreas

Maretha Brink


1. Our wedding advice for any future wedding couples.....

My advice for all the future brides out there would be to enjoy and soak up every minute of your day, I could not believe how fast it went. Let your mom, maid of honor or wedding coordinator deal with all the small things that may go wrong on the day and enjoy getting ready with your girls. One thing I regret not doing enough on my wedding day is not getting around to talking to all of my guests on the wedding night so my word of advice on that would be to go around even just to say "hello" to your guests just so that they know they are appreciated for being there. Two last things would be to throw yourself a small dance party just before it's time to walk down the aisle, I was very nervous while waiting for all the guests to be seated and for the music to start, so one of my bridesmaids put some music on and we just stood there in our dresses dancing and singing off the nerves. Lastly, let your fiancé make the decisions with you, this is as much his moment as it is yours.

2.  If I had to plan my wedding again, I would have spent more time on....

I would spend more time doing things together with my bridal party and enjoying the moment with as many people as possible because the whole process of becoming engaged to married is over so quickly. I would spend more time thinking about the idea's I have for the wedding instead of getting excited over something and spending money on it only later to discover that it actually wasn't something I really wanted. 

3.  I would have spent less time on.....

If I had to plan my wedding again I would spend less time on Pinterest and look at blogs of other weddings. Pinterest is an amazing place to get hundreds of ideas but it confused me so much and made every decision so much harder than it should have been. If I did it over again I would have chosen a theme or style from the beginning and then stuck to it. Have the wedding you really want and don't worry too much about how beautiful everyone else's weddings are, I promise your wedding will be amazing as well if you stick to being you. 

4.  When I think back to my wedding day, I think of?

It's cliché but I think about walking down the aisle to my best friend. I also had my father in-law walk me from my room to the top of the isle which was very special for me and then having my dad walk me the rest of the way was an emotional moment for me. The amount of love I felt in that moment from the men walking next to me to the people standing beside me to the friends and family who drove out to be there with us to the wonderful man of my dreams standing waiting for me, was an overwhelmingly beautiful moment, one I could only wish for every other bride out there.  There is such a big build up to the moment when you walk down the isle that it can get quite emotional but the moment will stay with you forever.

5.  Thanks to our lovely Vendors: